Paranoia in Supermarket

My work always takes me away from home, work in Africa and Central America, export medicinal plants, spices, aromatic resins, which are often grown in hostile areas or sometimes wild, forest or savanna, work in contact with the native populations, often they inspire me with their ceremonial songs and the surrounding tropical nature invades me always very curious sounds.

Normally my sources of inspiration are very different, in fact, do not wasting many words as the title pretty much says it all. As often happens when the level of stress and sensitivity threshold increases to perceive the world around you as an army of messages that invade the brain, therefore you can not filter all engorgement and arrives.

At this point I imagined someone who suffers from agoraphobia or other diseases related to too much crowd noise, lights, children screaming while busy mothers will surpass to gain time, intolerant elders who look at you as a werewolf, while in the butcher reduces to the meat pieces with a huge cleaver …
This is the stage of my vision, this is my paranoia.

Marco Billi

aka  j a r g u n a