I met Seba (Marcello Calasso), during a performance in Florence, more than one year ago; I was at once impressed with his originality and elegance when playing his Gongs and Tams, low, deep vibrations that smote, I would say stormed me. It was like being in front of a cosmic gate leading in boundless spaces. Marcello answered eagerly to my proposal to work together; In few months we met again in his ‘‘Sala Armonica” to start recording. Since our minds went along the same lines, Marcello left me free reins, and once in my studio I allowed my imagination to run free, trying and weawing Seba’s sounds like a cloth, or rather embroidering them into a tapestry with my sinthesizers (both digital and analog), samplers, loops: to find the right involvement I sifted through the whole database of sounds I have gathered during many years…..

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