Product Description

Villasimius is a small citadel in the far south of the island of Sardinia.
This blend was born from a holiday guests of dear friends, observing the local flora so I decided to get this incense.
Mainly made with local materials, that is Phoenician Juniper wood (Juniperus phoenicia), the precious Mastic resin, derived from little tree (Pistacia lentiscus), essence of Myrtle and wild carrot seeds.
This blend has the slightly balsamic aroma from Myrtle and Mastic, mixed with the earthy sweetness of the carrot, makes me sink in this fantastic landscape set like a diamond right in the middle of the Mediterranean.
Imagine the foam of the sea that hurls itself on the bare granite rocks, the summer heat makes the essences of local shrubs exhale, the smell of the sea and the balms of the plants meet, pure poetry!