The Spice Cellar (La Cantina delle Spezie)


Product Description

Edition 2022

Perhaps not all incense producers have the courage to do this and above all make it public, but this is proof that I am different.
This limited series of incense is made from “waste” products from processing, packaging and everything that goes out of sale, I have decided since 2020 not to throw anything away but to collect everything in a special container and at the end of the year make some sticks.
Unfortunately, even during importation there is waste, the resins become pulverized or are not always optimal, it hurts my heart to throw them away.
As you can see in the picture there are many broken sticks, leftovers from production as I make many on commission.
Since the materials are always of high quality, I decided to leave the “chance” that the blend takes shape, no pre-established scheme, no construction of stories or poems behind, I hope the perfumers will be able to forgive me but the pure simplicity of recycling and let the alchemy of chance produce this product and give it a new life.


Duration about 45 minutes.

15 pieces

10 hours of fragrance, ideal for your meditations, offers, or simply to have a pleasant and deep atmosphere in your environment.