Suspended landscapes 1, Candle holder.


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Product Description

Alchimie Lunari produces candles, incense and these fabulous candle holders, I called them Suspended Landscapes. They are created by hand, with real natural elements suspended in Gel Wax. Inside they house a soy wax tealight.
Excellent for creating a “Magical” corner in any environment, they create a suggestive play of lights with their colored and transparent elements.

Looking inside these products is like getting lost in fairytale landscapes, surreal atmospheres, fairytales, the bubbles that remain trapped in the gel wax seem like spheres of light floating in an indefinite space, planets, stars.

A tapestry of fairy tales to enchant, especially accompanied by appropriate music (I recommend jarguna ๐Ÿ™‚ and pleasant accompanying incense, creates an immersion of the senses that you should definitely experience.