Roma Gloriosa


Product Description

Under a suggestion, I was stimulated to produce an incense dedicated to ancient Rome.
Driven by the imagination, I decided to call this blend “ROMA GLORIOSA” (glorious Rome).

I started inspired by an image, with some research I learned that during the Roman Empire they were crazy about the essence of rose, moreover an emperor with a classic and wicked attitude of that era, burned over a ton of incense and myrrh in a single day.
By putting all this information together, I begin to select and assemble the materials I have available.
Some varieties of Commiphora, Sandrac, Mastic, Larch from Siberia, Sandalwood, Vanilla and obviously essence and rose petals, this is how this mixture is born, sumptuous and candid, overbearing and sweet.
For a more delicate diffusion and to appreciate all the nuances I recommend trying the candle diffuser, see the photos, or electric.