Hanami Perfume (Old style)


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Product Description

30 ML


花見 “To look at flowers” is a Japanese term that refers to the traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of spring flowering of trees. The cherry blossom, its delicacy and brevity are for the Japanese the symbol of fragility, but also of rebirth, of the beauty of existence.

Essence that gives youthful energy for all the slightly scents sour and floral, assonance and hymn to spring is a profane that is given to both sexes without distinctions. High notes of citrus and allspice immediately hit the head, like a slap as a symbol of spring awakening.

With the spicy and sweet tone of Spanish Thyme, Katrafay and Acacia represent the heart, finishing with the roots of Patchouli and Vetiver with slightly bitter and vanilla tips of Tonka beans. In the delicacy of the contrast of the sweet floral, an earthy component intersects, an expression of the Tree, which with its large foliage embraces the sky and its powerful roots envelop the earth. Perfume is like a dress, you have to know how to wear it, used to exalt personality and otherwise to hide behind.




Alcool, Citrus aurantium var Lime, Citrus sinensis, Pogostemon cablin , Vetiveria zizanoides, Pimenta racemosa, Cymbopogon martinii, Cedrolopsis grevei, Thymus mastichina, Dipteryx odorata, Acacia mirensis.