Finger root (Boesenbergia rotunda)


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Product Description

Scientific name: Boesenbergia rotunda
Family: Zingeberaceae
Origin of distillation: Indonesia
Portion plant: rhizomes


Common name:

  • Khmer: kcheay (ខ្ជាយ)
  • Indonesian: temu kunci
  • Meitei: yai-macha
  • Myanmar: Hsei’ Hpu (ဆိတ္ဖူး)
  • Sinhalese: haran kaha (හරං කහ)
  • Thai: krachai (กระชาย)
  • Vietnamese: ngải bún, nga truật

B. rotunda is a common edible ingredient in many Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and China. It is normally cultivated at small home ranches and used as a condiment in food such as curry and soup due to its aromatic flavour, which promotes appetite. This herbal plant is also used as a traditional medicine to treat illnesses such as rheumatism, muscle pain, febrifuge, gout, gastrointestinal disorders, flatulence, carminative, stomach ache, dyspepsia, and peptic ulcer. In Indonesia, B. rotunda is typically used to prepare “jamu,” a popular traditional tonic for women after childbirth as well as a beauty aid for teenage girls and to prevent leukorrhea. The fresh rhizomes are used to treat inflammatory diseases, such as dental caries, dermatitis, dry cough and cold, tooth and gum diseases, swelling, wounds, diarrhoea, and dysentery, and as a diuretic. Besides, it is also used as an antifungal and antiparasitic agent to heal fungal infections and eradicate helminth or round worms in human intestine, respectively, as well as an antiscabies agent to relieve skin itchiness from mite bites. Referred to as “Thai ginseng” in Thailand, this plant is used as an aphrodisiac among Thai folk. In addition, consumption of its leaves has been shown to alleviate food allergies and poisoning. Moreover, it has been used as self-medication by AIDS patients in Thailand. Despite the lack of scientific evidence to prove the ethnomedicinal uses of this ginger, the success of current biological researches could potentially explain the significance of its traditional usage.

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Aroma, my interpretation;

The first top note reminds me of Rhubarb, followed by a multitude of fresh and fruity notes, Mango, Hops, hints of Cilantro.

Imagination, closing my eyes I immerse myself in a humid forest after a rain, the boiling of the wet earth.

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