Druid’s Forest


Product Description

Generally my explorations are directed in tropical areas, and also the cultures that I deepen generally are of those territories.
But with this mixture I tried to mentally direct myself in contexts different from my custom, sinking into Celtic culture.
I imagined Nordic forests, ancient, humid, with trees and rocks full of moss, a place where the Druids went to do propitiatory rites, divination, their temple.
The main product as the protagonist is the Oak Moss (actually a Lichen), in honor of this beautiful tree, which became the symbol of the Druids, since a few millennium ago the forests were pervaded by imposing oaks. Thus was born a veneration of the Oak and the rise of the “Sages of the Oak”. In addition to musk, I looked for a “waxy” aroma to evoke the territories of the Celts, using Poplar buds.
But to get those aromas of ancient forest I mixed several products not exactly endemic to those places, such as the Galangal rhizome (Alpinia galanga), the Copal blanco (Bursera bipinnata) with turpentine aroma and other products.

I wish you with this mixture to sink into mysterious forests and still imagine living immersed among these fascinating populations.