Copal blanco (Bursera bipinnata)


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Product Description

In the prehispanic cosmovision of Mexico the Copal blanco represented for the Aztecs and the indigenous peoples a system of purification through fumigation placed the resin on a brazier, its fumes, precisely very clear due to numerous waxes invoked the spirit of the God Quetzalcoatl , God feathered with the wind, with knowledge. Quetzalcoatl is one of the most important of the Aztec pantheon.

Furthermore, its fumes have always boasted of the ability to modulate the nervous system, relaxing and stimulating the production of endorphins.

Still traditionally used to celebrate the feast of the dead, also considered a spiritual guide to raise awareness and lead to healing through an introspective journey.

Analgesic, antispasmodic, expectorant actions, even if the mystical link of this resin is inextricably linked to a pseudo-religious and Mesoamerican ceremonial context.



This splendid resin has the appearance of a chalky but slightly rubbery mass, collected with a spatula on Agave leaves, this resin cannot be collected in drops since it does not dry on the trunk but tends to flow down to the ground and therefore must be constantly collected from June to the end of August, it must then wait over a month for it to dry out and sold especially during the feast of the dead.

I have the honor of being able to sell this precious product since I am directly in contact with a Copaleros from Mexico, therefore this product is sold with perfect traceability and in support of indigenous cultures, obviously in the protection of nature, since the tree is not cut down.


Aroma: balsamic, turpentine, pepper, spicy, sparkling.


Feature: on the charcoal it melts and disappears completely, be careful not to exceed the quantity, otherwise the coal could go out, then wait for it to stop giving off smoke before adding more.