Commiphora ornifolia resin


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Scientific name: Commiphora ornifolia

Family: Burseraceae

Origin of harvest: Oman


This fascinating variety of Myrrh, decidedly unknown, comes from the collection of a colleague of mine in Oman.

Collected on the border with Yemen/Oman, this resin is rather rare and has a particular aroma, powdery, marine and fruity.

In my humble opinion, the Commiphora genus still lacks the right attention, there are species yet to be discovered.

The difficulty with numerous resins of the Commiphora genus is that they are water-soluble, that is, there are polysaccharide-based components of the resin, this means that when it is placed on charcoal after having exhausted its aromatic part it carbonizes, releasing a less pleasant aroma, of acrid and burnt.

To avoid this problem you can pulverize the resin in a mortar or simply remove the small piece that we placed on top of the coal.

Powdery aroma, with marine, honey-like hints, extremely intriguing.

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