Bronze statuette, lost wax technique from Burkina Faso n.01


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Product Description

These wonderful bronze figurines are unique pieces made by master craftsmen from Burkina Faso.

For those who do not know the lost wax technique, it consists of creating the wax model, then covering it with clay leaving only a small hole and then pouring the bronze or molten alloy, in this way the wax will be dispersed and replaced by the metal, when it is cold the cast is removed and a copy of what was previously in wax and now in bronze will remain.

The coloring of clothes or various objects is done through oxidation processes, such as sulfuric or nitric, since each acid reacts to create a type of colored oxide. While the necklaces and bracelets that decorate women are simply removing the effect of black oxidation.

Having an object like these at home stands out from any other commercial artisan product that you will find in street stalls, giving a touch of great elegance and ethnic value.


Height: 25 centimetres

Weight: 128 grams