Blue Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)


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Scientific name: Matricaria chamomilla
Family: Asteraceae
Common name: Chamomile, Camomilla (Italy)
Origin of distillation: Nepal
Portion plant: flowers and leaves

The famous plant is well known by numerous cultures for its characteristic of using flower heads in herbal teas, especially to facilitate sleep, even if this use has some uncertainties, or at least, it has been noted that short infusions can help sleep, longer infusions act the opposite, as a stimulant. This is due to some principles including chamazulene which is also found in the essential oil.

Aroma: Green, sweetish, between pollen and crystallized honey, slightly balsamic with hints of fermented raisins.

Ps: Unfortunately, as shown in the photo, the essence is not blue but very dark green.

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