Alpinia galanga root


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Family: Zingeberaceae
Scientific name: Alpinia galanga
Common name: Galanga, Galangal, Blue Ginger

50 gr

According to traditional Chinese medicine, galangal can have significant healing properties, especially with regard to respiratory problems: a drink made from lime juice and grated galangal rhizomes is considered an effective remedy for colds and coughs. In addition to purifying the body and contributing to intestinal regularity (by virtue of the high content of fiber and vitamins), it seems that galangal can help digestion, alleviate the sense of nausea, quench heartburn.
It would also help alleviate any arthritic pain. If you believe in European legends, galangal would even help to stimulate manly exuberance or, if necessary, to chase away evil presences. Hildegard of Bingen, a 10th century saint who paid particular attention to herbal remedies, referred to galangal as the spice of life and administered it against heartache.


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50 gr


50 gr