Fusion of Soul

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01 Aura Age

02 Awekening of the Seeds

03 Fusion of Soul

04 Garden of the Gods

05 Sacred Shen

06 Water Memory

07 Between Heaven and Earth

08 Ecstatic Ascent


The title of this album might evoke some form of thought or discipline New Age, none of that also has to pay attention that the word Soul, soul is not in the plural but singular, naturally the question arises, but fusion with what then? With everything, I might describe as a entity that manages to stay in perfect balance with everything around him, including the adversities, the unexpected, the obstacles that put you to the test.

In Taoist philosophy says “action without action”, that is, the moment you stop trying or strive to obtain by force what, it’s time comes, the first chapter of the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tze opens thoughts on writing that “the way really way (tao) is not a constant way.”

The spontaneous flow of a life without conditions, while providing that there is one in this world, since even the most primitive organism or more evolved it to grow is always conditioned by the environment, can be perceived to be in fusion with the ‘ becoming an integral part of the universe.

And we poor humans who always seek the divine in and out of us, we love icons, words, we neglect our true God, the Earth and Heaven in which we hosting.

The ritual, with all the well-defined practical, made of programmed gestures, passes from the sacred to the profane the moment when you do not do more to anchor yourself in the dogmas that protect you, but only to gain inner strength and go further where the usual leaves are dragged by the current of a river.

Fusion of Soul wants to represent the river of energy that leads the guest between the sacred and the profane in ritual moments as “Sacred Shen”, “Awakening of the Seeds” or fluidity arrhythmic of “Water Memory” or “Ecstatic Ascent” that try to want to lose the sense of time as opposed to “Fusion of Soul” and “Between Heaven and Earth” instead resist filling the space of sequences as a binary code that encodes a hidden reality, where space and time become a ‘ only thing, because time is generated from space.

Energy that spreads thanks to space and is transformed by the grace of form.






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Review from Richard Gürtler

“Fusion Of Soul” is the newest album by Italian soundscaper, photographer and ethnobotany researcher Marco Billi, who acts under the moniker Jarguna. Released during October 2016 on Forrest Hill Records, the black CDr is housed in a catchy 6 panel digipak designed by the artist himself. Well-done, Marco!!! Jarguna’s discography counts around 16 albums, both solo and several collaborations, with bigger half of them available also on physical CDr editions. At least they were available few years ago, so better to check out this with Marco through his mail-order at Shangri-la Association.

“Aura Age”, which clocks just over 4 and a half minutes mark, unfolds the album with gracefully sweeping ethereal washes, while gossamer organic traceries permeate across along with additional female choir-like glimpses. Then serenely evanescing on the wings of flimsily contemplative tinkles. Aural ambrosia! 10-plus minutes long “Awakening Of The Seed”, keeps briefly on the path with meditative bells, but soon shifts into more intenser landscapes, guided by droning layers, where solitary magnitudes persistently commingle with evocative cinematic vistas. Fragilely cacophonous primordial subtleties continuously emerge and intriguingly spiraling dissonances occasionally join enigmatically undulating dronescapes. A very good one! The title piece “Fusion Of Soul”, with 17:22 the longest one, glides into stunningly expansive zones, soothingly waving through warmly panoptic horizons. Intangibly ascending sequences join the forefront and inconspicuously steal the spectacle with glowingly euphoric shimmers, while celestial choirs are guarding above. Auxiliary groovy trimmings sneak as well. Beauty!!! “Garden Of The Gods” unlocks its gates with gorgeously sweeping blankets bridged with nocturnally enrapturing symphony, before calmly metamorphosing into balmily humming drone scenario enriched by eternal faunal calls and vague ephemeral sequencer motifs. Atmospheric aural paradise awaits here! The next piece, “Sacred Sheng”, delves deeply into mysteriously subterranean domains, where undulating drone magmas ceaselessly amalgamate with transcendental groans and oracular voices. Evocative soulful flute patterns with mesmerizingly distant tribal quietudes ascend, coalesce and transport the listener into magnificently breathtaking terra incognita realms. An epic sonic elixir indeed!!! “Water Memory” follows the primeval vestiges and masterfully explores labyrinthine magic of cavernous sceneries, where ambiguous drone traverses are fastidiously augmented by a myriad of ear-tickling shamanic artifacts with amphibious fragments, while seraphic traces are hanging above. Another pinnacle of the album bringing back memories from the good old days of the 90’s tribal ambient expeditions. During 11-minute “Between Haven And Earth”, as indicated by its title, the listener is leaving fascinating subterrestrial domains, when loosely carried through tranquilly monumental expanses. Remote sequences clandestinely transpire, shimmeringly magnify and incandescently radiate, then dissolving for a brief moment before transforming into invigoratingly galloping climax. The closing, 13 and a half minutes long “Ecstatic Ascent” relieves unfurling scenario with gracefully revealing horizons, where warmly sweeping massive waves are meticulously pervaded by gorgeously introspective mirages. A pure sonic elixir!!!

I think recording and packaging like this would deserve a glass mastered format, it’s a pity Forrest Hill Records didn’t take this route, even if it might be a bit risky these days, but with a soundsculptor like Jarguna on their roster they have got a truly gifted and spirited journeyer indeed. Also I could imagine slightly refined sound quality with a broader chromatic range in depth and dynamics as there is hidden a huge potential in such fragranced album. However, I won’t hesitate to say 79-minute “Fusion Of Soul” is most likely Jarguna’s magnum opus and a strongly significant work exquisitely exploring the magic of Marco Billi’s soulfully vast ambient insignias. Bravo, Marco!!! “Fusion Of Soul” is a must-have recording!!! And by the way, at February 17th, 2017, Jarguna has released his latest installment, contemplatively infused “Sogni di Sutra nei Venti”, but this one is available as a digital only.

Richard Gürtler (Feb 19, 2017, Bratislava, Slovakia)

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