Marco Billi jarguna in art, born in Florence on 06/13/1973 Since the early eighties practice martial arts from 1996 and teaches Kung Fu and Taiji-quan at the Association, “Shangri-la”, that in 2000 it will become President and he is still in office. In 1992, facing a study tour in China, to deepen the Chinese martial art, it is also introduced to the practice of Oriental medicine. Later visit Nepal, Mexico, India, Indonesia, and in 2001, taking a trip of research along the Amazon.

He meets the local people and engages in a study of their music-symbolic ritual, and shamanic medicine, studies the characteristics and performs direct and indirect experiences through rituals and meditations. Going through all these experiences, understands how the simplest sounds as well as music more complex, may play a beneficial and therapeutic. Agreements and frequencies, may intervene by acting on the entire body, involving mind and body, and also acting on the subtler planes.

He taught at a school of reflexology Holistic Naturopathy, practical treatments and massages as the Tui-na / An-Mon, the reflexology and herbal remedies.

In 2007 he opened a company in Burkina Faso’s export of medicinal plants, spices, especially the Kakradè and promotes its product line. And ‘engaged in the construction of an interactive online database dedicated to ethno-medicine, an interactive encyclopedia to see in a practical and fast disturbances and consequently remedies with the technical alternatives to conventional medicine, is currently engaged in cataloging the plants in the continent African.

It opens after other companies, one in Madagascar and Guatemala, as well as working with the Dem. Rep. Of the Congo, Nepal and Indonesia.

Marco is attracted by the experimental music since the eighties and in 90 starts to explore the means by buying a bass, in 94 arrives home his first synthesizer, a Korg M1, addresses courses electronic synthesis, sound engineer and specifications management sequencers.

Increases the collection of instruments, with the Yamaha TG500, a sampler of the Roland S-330, as well as DX7, D-50, entering to do with the subtractive synthesis that the frequency modulation algorithms.

Indulges itself in the search for drone and pad customizing schedules and preset synth, faces the first recordings and performances with the Atari 1040 recording of DAT. “Archetypes” and “In the Womb of Gaia” were his first album not produced, since 2001 only addresses the sequencer with audio tracks, thus expanding the expertise and instrumentation, the game becomes more serious, which is always a game, but the trip to the Amazon and experience with the curandero decides to capture her feelings in an album that titled “Introspective Coure”, and he himself felt for someone like the definition, a sound diary.

The relationship with music and the environment remains focused in the soul of jarguna, his travels, always equipped with equipment for the recordings in the field become a constant in the subsequent albums, thus fusing the outdoor excitement with those in the study.

Passionate about photography and video in the years acquires resilience and communication through the images, some of his documentaries have been acquired by the Museum of Ethnobotany at the Botanical Gardens of Naples where he has several partnerships. His mission now is to push to create botanical gardens around the world to raise awareness and protection of the Environment.

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