Trapped Vol2


01 Omines morimur ; Laura Hildebrandt Weixelbaum voice and Hurry curdy, jarguna synth, rattles, ethnic instrument.

02 Creation; Adam Reith (Paolo Alfani) Synth,  jarguna field recording, background sound, synth.

03 Way of the Bronze ;  Seba (Marcello Calasso) Tams & Gongs, jarguna cymbals, sample loop, drone.

04 Syncretic Percussions; Frore (Paul Casper) synth and drum machine. jarguna modular synth and percussion.

05 The Swallow ; Marco Lucchi synth, jarguna: various flutes, Koto, synth

06 Playing for a Lullaby ;  Shane Morris Vibraphones. jarguna Synth. Massimo di Nocera, guitar.



With this album I have the satisfaction of collaborating with good artists and dear friends. The taste of interweaving sound canvases with various styles excites me more and more. Trapped Vol 2 is a small milestone for my explorations; from each artist I work with I learn new concepts, attitudes and how to situate myself to express sounds and melodies. I love ambient music, but with this album I think I have moved away a bit. I’m happy, my restless soul can explore further.

Trapped Vol 2 is a swing of mysticism and lightheartedness, a dark beginning with the beautiful voice of Laura Hildebrandt immediately shakes the soul and the expectations of the listener and reminds us that we all have to die. It’s a first wall to be demolished, then a new “Creation,” new expectations, worlds, intentions with Adam Reith. “Way of the Bronze” is a slow and deep track, strange as it is one of the tracks with almost all acoustic recordings, gongs, tams and cymbals, all metals, is the symbolism of the fusion of an alloy, an alchemist who seeks its essence through matter and makes it vibrate. Thanks to the beautiful gongs of Seba. After exiting from the deep with a rhythm track and charge of energy from the rituals of Frore. The last half-hour of the album is dedicated to a sort of meditative path with two long tracks to relax the mind and immerse in serene and poetic landscapes with very long textures by Marco Lucchi, guitar by Massimo di Nocera and a melting vibraphone by Shane Morris. Thanks to all the artists!

Seba (Marcello Calasso):

Massimo Di Nocera;

Laura Hildebrandt Weixelbaum:

Adam Reith (Paolo Alfani):

Shane Morris:

Frore (Paul Casper):

Marco Lucchi: –


“My art name originated in a dream from 20 years ago. In the middle of the night I heard – and above all I saw – a sound like a colored mandala vibrate and emit a sound similar to the human voice during an overtone chorus which was repeated. On my awakening I took paper and pen and tried to transcribe it. So this word was born, seemingly meaningless at that time. I want to use it without the uppercase-J just to represent more a sound than a word with meaning. The analysis of the word ‘name’ can teach everything: no-me (negation of the me), a sound that evokes something, a name is conditioning it for life and takes away the true self.”