Tapestry Flow

2020 has given me and is giving great satisfaction since I have collaborated with a great Swedish artist, Henrik Meierkord, cellist by passion and profession.

We came in great harmony with the collaboration of Trapped vol.3 where he worked on several tracks, but Tapestry Flow is our own project.

Exploration is the master of every track since this album unlike almost all my other projects here every song has its own story, even if they are not chapters completely closed in on themselves, but let’s say that they are rooms that overlook a long corridor, the windows open on the same garden.

The vibrating poetry of the cello, sometimes a little melancholic, marries beautifully with electronic texture, so the album we decided to call it Flow of Tapestries, it’s like taking a cruise on an ocean during a sunset full of colorful clouds, or horseback riding in a lush forest.

A good traveler is not interested in reaching the destination, in fact sometimes it doesn’t even exist, but above all it opens the senses during the journey.

Ours is a borderline album between acoustics and electronics, often the structure deceives you without understanding where the real instrument and synthesis is, a bit like looking at the horizon in front of a beautiful smooth mountain lake without ripples, the water reflects the surrounding landscape so well that you no longer see the difference between the sky and the water, in a perfect speculation, in fact, Henrik and I felt this way, in perfect symbiosis.

What I thought, he perfectly interpreted with his splendid cello, what he developed I perceived as my own plot, and so we dragged ourselves into vibrant flows, ethereal moments, very lively and full-bodied sounds , layered with ideas, impetuous and vivid dreams.

Marco Billi aka jarguna

I met Marco Billi on Facebook and Soundcloud in the musical networks.

Marco liked my tracks and asked me if I could make some recordings for him with my cello, which lead to my participation in the album Jarguna and friends vol.3, a very nice album. It felt like a very good cooperation.

After that we decided to make an album together, ”Tapestry Flow”

I record my cello and strings as viola and double bass in my own studio and send to Marco. All the tracks I get from Marco match my soul and heart and I play with his tunes in a almost unconscious mood. Like floating. 

A pleasure.

Henrik Meierkord