Sunwashed Evening Fire

Sam Rosenthal (USA) and Jarguna (Italy) merge with the sunset on their first electronic/ambient collaboration, a work that lingers in the ephemeral dusk of dreams.

SUNWASHED EVENING FIRE’s two tracks (in seven movements) are an evocative blend of drones and synths coloring the margins without overwhelming the music’s essential fragility. Building in muted opulence, the pieces possess a hypnotic allure attuned to frequencies of nature as equally as they are to those of the pulsing electronics. Sensitive sonic montages lead listeners quietly into the twilight where the sustaining ambient moods eventually resolve to rise up again as in “Evening market of the petal fields > part 3” where Erik Wollo’s Kosmische electric guitar rides atop Jarguna’s analog sequencer patterns.

Projekt founder Rosenthal has created over 20 albums, Jarguna over 30. They collaborated by sending files back and forth across the evening sky with Rosenthal helming the audio editing, mapping and processing to create the album’s final flow.

“I think about when you are in a plane,” jarguna muses, “and in the sunset time you chase the sun falling over the horizon. The sunset seems to never end, time standing still in a layer of colors immersing me in the shades of blue, yellow and cobalt red…”

This duo understands better than most that sound is temporal and needs time to be fully considered; it is only at twilight where we notice and hear the hidden order of life. Existing in the liminal space between day or night, dawn or dusk, wakefulness or sleep, SUNWASHED EVENING FIRE’s mysteriously fleeting sections form a fitting accompaniment for the solitude of these internal states.