Sogni di Sutra nei Venti

Imagine being on top of a hill or an open savannah, nothing around you, but the wind drags with him sound generated miles away, energy carrying other energy.

It is a project that I conceived very quickly and generated like the impetus of the wind, which with it carries poems and stories of other places. The concept of this album is locked in the wind and in the space, muffled sounds, harmonies swirling between repeating nines and echoes sneering.

Phrases of simple instruments sometimes of natural origin such as water drops, streams and thunderstorms, others like Tibetan bells, rattles, flutes, horns, voices, try to get carried away by the wandering wandering of the wind that drags impalpable energy just like its own nature, enriching the original sound of mysterious harmonics.

In fact, all the reproduction of the songs is performed with very little traces, enriching exasperatedly with reverb and some frequencies that alter the fundamental harmonics, thus generating a constant border like an Indian Tampura.

This is the idea, to perceive something so distant from the sound source.

It is said that dreaming of sutras or mantra helps healing and awareness of it, just as it happened with my alias, jarguna, that is, I perceived a repetitive sound like a mantra that I transmitted as a jargon on awakening.


One thing, the recording level is rather low, just to maintain the consistency of the subject.


Good wind at all!


Marco Billi

aka jarguna


A precious thank you to Fabrizio Bosio for the kindly drawings given and Professor Xavier Serra with field recording “Prayer of Morning in Chennai India” in Prayer of Love


Artwork: Marco Billi aka jarguna

Design: Fabrizio Bosio




01 To the Theta Waves                 3:43

02 Averna Abbey                           7:42

03 Wind of Sutra                           7:41

04 First Dream                              8:26

05 The Sing Drops                        8:32

06 StaAar                                        6:01

07 Prayer of Love                          9:02

08 Second Dream                         6:28

09 Valley of the Monasterys     12:23

10 Poon Hill                                   8:12