Retrospective of Deep Days 2006-2023

50° Album!

This collection of 50 tracks is meant to be a long journey immersed in my world, my worldview perceived through the music I produce.

As of 2023 I have released more than 49 albums, each with its own story, its own dreams, introspective journeys, but also many real journeys with on-the-spot recordings, tribal chants, ceremonies, and natural environments. The albums are a representation of my life, straddling modernity and contact with native people in search of origin/inspiration/foundation.

This compilation is a selection of tracks mainly with a soft and relaxing character with some passages with tribal, ritual, hypnotic hints.

Actually not all of my discography is based on relaxing music, often classified as New Age, rather, my journeys are often winding as it is, or as it should be an inner path. We can even call it spiritual. As the Bon of the pre-Buddhist Tibetan tradition say, “feed your demons.” Only by learning to see them, recognize them and know how to control them can we overcome many obstacles that we self-inflict or have been inflicted on us by the environment (parents are also part of the environment).

Seven and a half hours of … jargonian atmospheres. This is a roundup of tracks selected since the first album in 2006, not very far in truth, but in these years I have been working hard to express what I had and have inside.

The unfolding of the tracks develops with a slow and rather “sleepy” beginning, full of collaborations, to arrive towards the middle with an increase of rhythmic, sonic impetuosity, a pulsating, energetic heart. After that we plunge into more slow and calm atmospheres, closing with the last 3 tracks again animated with melodic rhythms.

A kind of sine wave facilitates the brainwaves to enter states between Delta and Gamma waves, a cyclic alternation that can also help bring homeostasis into balance.

In many of these tracks there are several or even numerous artists who collaborated in the making of the tracks (see Chimera of a New World for example). Below you see in parentheses the name of the album and the chronological number of publication; then after the parenthesis the name of the artist who is part of the track.

I wish everyone a peaceful listening and that you can appreciate there is a lot of research and desire to spread good energy behind these sounds.


jarguna is Italian sonic-alchemist Marco Billi. He creates organic-ambient-electronic music in mandala-like hymns of richly enveloping ritual music. Since his first recordings in 1998, jarguna’s work has been an exploration of sounds, feelings, contrasts, passion, acoustics and electronics.


released October 13, 2023

Track (Album Name, Album Release #) guests:

01 Neogene (Neogene 40°)
02 Älva (Tapestry Flow 33°) with Henrik Meierkord cello
03 Lang-Tang (Trapped Vol1 22°) with Alio Die Loop Bell
04 Sweet Awakening (Trapped Vol3 27°) with Riccardo Dellocchio guitar and Francesco Schina sax
05 Winds of Sutra (Sogni di Sutra nei Venti 21°)
06 Playing for a Lullaby (Trapped Vol2 24°) with Shane Morris vibraphone and Massimo di Nocera guitar
07 Reflex of a Kaleidoscope — Excerpt (Prospettive Animiche 26°)
08 Altoplano Index 3 — Excerpt (Altoplano 4°)
09 Dragon’s Tears (Kitsune 39°) Ryuzen Shakuhachi flute
10 My Temple — Excerpt (My Temple 32°)
11 So Old (La Musica è Sacra 49°)
12 On Top of the World (First Decade 20°)
13 Nebula Part 1 (Nebula 9°) with Seba Gongs and Tams
14 Soul of Ganga (Bansuri – Breath from Soul 2°) with Lorenzo Squillari bansuri flute
15 Post Tenebris (Oscure Presenza 11°) with Uzbazur Drones
16 Paranoia in Supermarket — Excerpt (Paranoia in Supermarket 19°)
17 Silicon Forest (Jupiter8 14°)
18 Return to the Paganism (Pareidolia 23°)
19 Bushland — Excerpt (Bushland 15°)
20 Ceremony of the Ayahuasca (Introspective Course 1°)
21 Shuar Tales (Animas-k 36°)
22 Mound Builders (Transmissions From Serpent Mound 41°) with Chris Russell synth
23 Ouroboros (Archetypes 25°)
24 Vietcong (Resistance 48°)
25 Black Vapor (Sublimation 35°) with Uzbazur Drones
26 The Labyrinth (Esoteric Garden 44°)
27 A Land Burned by the Sun (Nouna 7°)
28 Commutator (Waiting for a Call From the Unknown 8°)
29 Fly Over Dunes (Explore form Satellite 3°)
30 Lhasa River Circles the Fading Sunset Part 2 (Sunwashed Evening Fire 34°) with Sam Rosenthal electronics
31 Geodes (Anatèxis 16°)
32 Chimera of a New World — Excerpt (Chimera of a New World 31°)
33 The Forest Does Not Sleep (Amongst Jungles 45°) with Nicola Serena synth
34 Puja in the Tamale of the Sound — Excerpt (Puja in Temple of Sound 38°) with Sadishiva Kaargyra vocal technique and Chiara Salvadori vocal
35 Spirals of Rosemary (A Peaceful Granular Day 37°)
36 My Temple 2 — Excerpt (My Temple 2 43°)
37 Durga Temple (Soundscape India Nepal 1997 12°)
38 Ring of Life — Excerpt (Ring of Life 5°)
39 Fog Music — Excerpt (Fog Music 17°)
40 Sankalpa (Nidra 13°) with Massimo di Nocera Guitar
41 Reeds Part 4 — Excerpt (Reeds 28°)
42 Reflex of a Reverberation — Excerpt (Reflex of a Reverberation 6°)
43 It Goes Down with Stillness a Violet Light (Materia Lucida 10°) with Kirill Platonkin Guitar and effect
44 Psilocybe (Explorations of the Unconscious 46°)
45 Wisdom Without Eyes (Tales of Millennial Trees 29°) with seetyca Synth and Drones
46 Gamma Grain (Granular Day in the Blue 47°)
47 Expansions of ….. (Chimera of a New World, session two 42°) with Rocco Savino guitar, Gianluca Manfredonia drums, Henrik Meierkord cello
48 Fusion of Soul (Fusion of Soul 18°)
49 The Crystal Staircase (The Morning Star 30°)
50 Domino (-.-.-.- 50°)



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