48° Album



The title says it all, and with this album Nicola and I present our second project.

Honored to be part of this label, Baal immediately became interested in our musical works, we too liked his musical style and our desire was to blend some sounds in that genre, obviously with our character.

Resistence has been released, an album that wants to convey exactly what the title says, in a period where oppressions increase and truths mix in the mud.

The titles represent some places or groups of people who have built a wall against invasions, the arrival of other peoples who have plundered and practically massacred or put entire peoples in chains, either in the name of a religion or for money, which often the two things go together as well as power.

So the gist of what we want to convey is the tenacity to believe your values and fight for it.

The sound exploration took place in close contact with Nicola, since we live quite close, sharing the instruments, with my modulation and his we have generated intense and intrinsic textures of suggestion, without limiting ourselves to pre-set prejudices or schemes.

I adore tribal percussions, field recordings, while Nicola is the opposite, pure synthesis, but this divergence gives character to everything, fusing different styles in tracks full of sonorities.


Even the titles have its character, starting from the voice of an elderly Vietnamese woman who sings to her loved ones who died in the war. Instead in the second track we go to Central America where El Caracol was a well fortified Mayan settlement and there was strong resistance to the Spanish invaders.

Uluru-Kata, on the other hand, is the famous sacred mountain of the Australian aborigines, where they have always fought so that tourists and climbers do not violate the sacredness of this natural structure.

Death Spiral, on the other hand, is the only track that has no such references but wants to represent the deadly race of ants that turn on themselves until they die of fatigue, this strange event is still not clear but it seems that the leader who emits a pheromone for being followed by all the workers can lose orientation and turn on itself driving the whole colony crazy. Perfect association to represent as a metaphor the blind man who pursues an order without thinking.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is an oil pipeline about 1200 km long that extends over some nations of the USA, Native Americans have made numerous protests for this criminal act to the Earth.

The Vargan’s Jakuti is the last trace and Vargan represents a small mouth instrument, also called harp, it is found in numerous populations, especially between the Mediterranean and extreme Asia, the Jakuti people are an ethnic group of Siberian origin who tried to oppose to the slow invasion of the wealth-seeking Russian.

The track has a persistent and percussive sound throughout the length of the piece, which in some moments can recall the sound of this idiophone.


In the veins of each of us flows the blood of a warrior never defeated.