Meditating in a forest, on a hill in front of a beautiful landscape, is an activity that I love and is not only regenerating, but also a source of inspiration, sometimes I find myself in places where the sounds of nature are the masters and meditation or rather contemplation is aimed at analyzing the frequencies that that environment produces.

For those who enjoy creating synthesis sounds, it has a certain advantage, because knowing the foundations of the sound you can analyze the sound spectrum with more methodology and if you have the means to reproduce it, study its frequencies, the harmonics, it is certainly not easy. The carrier frequency is the genus of the note, the harmonics, that is, the frequencies of lower intensity with respect to the main note give the character of the sound, whether it is from an instrument or the direction of an animal.

But the hardest thing to “hear” is “noise” (it has no carrier frequencies, that is notes and harmonics in ..caotic order), in nature it is often generated by the wind which, by shaking the vegetables, causes them to rub or strike between himself, thus creating a true “cacophonous” symphony.

This is the meditation of this album, the complexity of the sound generated by the wind on the plants, I have already partly addressed this topic but in a different context on the album “Suoni di Sutra nei Venti” where I interpreted the sounds dragged and heard at distances far from the source.

Here, on this album I am simply inside a reed bed, lying between rushes, or bamboo, the interpretation of White and Pink noise between the vegetation and as a form of relaxation, a movement of energy that makes apparently inanimate objects dance.

Like an Indian Tampura the rustling of vegetation creates a drone of accompaniment to slow, hypnotic melodies.

Not the usual water or birds as an accompaniment, but this time the canes, reeds, plants fascinated by their bearing, are considered in bamboo to be like a simple tuft of grass since it is of the same family, graminacea (or Poaceae), to stay at inside of these fascinating stems it makes you feel a little cricket, to remember that we are observing this beautiful world thanks to the senses connected to a nervous system, different from other organisms. So everything is a point of view.