Raku Plateaux

Have you ever stopped to sip a tea and marveled at the structure of the cup?

Especially if you are dealing with a set made of Raku, Gress or other materials that apparently appear “rough”, the cracks, often intentional like the crakle technique, or the imperfections of the surface together with the bubbles of the crystalline and all the bas-reliefs , they form structures such as a lunar surface, a volcanic rock, a dried river bed, a clay field crumbled by the sun.

You can see all these images in a beautiful handcrafted cup.

And from here I took inspiration to create this musical project, moments of relaxation in which those few times you stop and dedicate yourself to yourself, sitting, without commitments, you enjoy your tea, in the company of a book, a delicate thread of smoke coming out of an incense, obviously accompanied by good music. The immersion of the senses slowed down by everything leads you into almost ecstatic dimensions, in the hope that someone doesn’t come and shake you or clap their hands to make you return to “reality”, a real trauma for the nervous system and the entire psychic sphere , in that moment you are resting deeply, your mental waves drop in frequency, it is the praise of the void, a true meditation with open eyes, a great psychosomatic regeneration.

The songs in this album are long, with few variations, in order to make you enchanted and enter a state of bliss, the sounds practically all come from my modular synthesizer, where every sound is made instantly, no memory can bring back that scheme you created at that moment, a small change is enough and you can lose the sound architecture of the moment, when you remove the cables to generate other sounds it will be almost impossible to return to the previous structure, this is the charm of the modular synthesizer, working in the search for a texture, record and let go, a bit like creating a mantra with colored sand and then sweeping everything away with one hand.