Oscure Presenze

Almost 20 years now that I’ve been composing music. My music has always concerned charm, mystery and introspection. But hidden away in a drawer, I’ve had a desire for a darker music. “Dark Presence” is the materialization of this desire.

Thank you to Simone Santarsiero, aka Uzbazur, a dear friend and young composer who has supported me and facilitated our trip to the dark side. To the Oscure Presenze. He has been instrumental in revealing my dark and hidden shadowy side.
A truly liberating experience. One might even say an exorcism.
The title says everything: we all have experienced the feeling of being watched by forces unknown and unseen. The path to enlightenment is filled with obstacles of the darkest varieties. The irony of life is that we must plunge into the dark abyss before rising to the light.
I hope my album can serve as your own personal exorcism, as it has for me.

Marco Billi Alias Jarguna

The greatest gift that God in His bounty made in creation, and the most conformable to His goodness, and that which He prizes the most, was the freedom of will, with which the creatures with intelligence, they all and they alone, were and are endowed.
– Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy (c. 1308-1321)