7° Album



I intended this album during the last of my business trips to Burkina Faso, where I keep a manufacturing company of various projects on medicinal plants and ethnobotany. While exploring in the bush I stop often to hear what these hostile landscapes transmit at the same time full of energy. Sudden passages, a lush savanna and shortly after an almost lunar landscape that is the area where I was ispired.

Nouna is a town about 250 km west of the capital of Burkina Faso, red soil and the reverb sounds great with the sun is blinding during the day, but during the time of sunset everything is saturated with a beautiful scarlet red transforming the area into a more soothing and relaxing. Vibrations that inspire the vision or just deceit color pushes your mind to see beyond what the eye can see rational. The architecture of a mirage is almost always the fear that we have within and land hostile always bring out the fears. For these people, the trees are often just as sacred and often sacrificed animals to keep placated the spirits who live in those plants. A fact most of the album is devoted to these importants organisms that I have learned to respect.

Marco Billi in art jarguna