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Met Seba (Marcello Calasso), during a performance in Florence, more than one year ago; I was at once impressed with his originality and elegance when playing his Gongs and Tams, low, deep vibrations that smote, I would say stormed me.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

While in “Waiting for a Call from the Unknown”, were I expressed the reasons of my interest in the stars, I just used Samplings from Seba’s Gongs and Tams, “Nebula” is our first real work together, and it starts what we hope will be at least a whole year of work as a pair, heads up into the sky for inspiration.

Nebulae are just fluctuating clouds of stardust, debris and gases; mirroring the star light, they appear to the observer heavenly and disqueting at the same time. But this shapeless knots, clouds of molecules, are the cradle of the stars. What can be more fascinating than the birth of a star or a planet from nothing? It’s like some grand Idea, born out of the intertwining of thoughts, that moves into shaping the reality and its consequences can’t be weighted….. this Album, “Nebula” led Me and Marcello in a vessel made of sounds, which moved us both to great enrichment and growth; we hope the same for whoever will listen to it.


Marco Billi, aka Jarguna is one of that kind of people, the ones that leave a mark on you when you meet one. We had from the start a common world of sounds, matching tastes and interests which led us into new and yet untrod paths, while we kept faithfully to the archetipal sonority and spirituality conveyed by instruments such as Gongs and Tams. Maybe Nebula was also our beginning; Ideas, curiosites, inputs, eagerness to work on our mutual interest, quickly set, and become “matter”, into a CD… Nebula is to be listened at sitting still and self centered, just like sitting within a stardust spiral.