My Temple

My Tample

With this first track, divided into three parts, I start a sound journey dedicated to relaxation, meditation or holistic practices.

I have been composing, recording environmental situations and experimenting with different instruments since the mid 90s, even if only in 2006 I started producing albums.


I practice martial arts, I have been teaching Kung-Fu and Taiji for over twenty years, I study music and shamanic ceremonies on the spot, although I interpret a lot with synthesizers, but in this track the protagonist is the Koshi, a wind chime in different melodic scales , which I have shaped through sampling by varying the intonations and octaves, transforming this small instrument sometimes into Tibetan bells, sometimes into a small music box.

The reverb and a few Pad interventions of my synthesizers are the background texture that accompany this pleasant sound full of mysticism.

My temples will want to be a series of albums dedicated to this style, slow, minimalist, deep and evocative, ideal for the practices described above, and when I say temples I mean above all nature, where true sacredness is manifested there.


I wish you a pleasant journey inside my temples.


Marco Billi

Aka jarguna