La Musica è Sacra

49° Album


In this journey composed by many hands, it is the studio reconstruction of a live performance made in a town near Florence, namely Pontassieve, on a cold February evening.
The structural “skeleton” of the composition comes from Marco Lucchi, where several artists have played on it, including me, the idea of reconstructing the live performance comes from me.

More than a concert, an artistic installation “in search of the voice of Orpheus”, which Marco Lucchi will propose on Friday 4 March in Pontassieve (Florence), as part of the exhibition The Experimental Sound Urban Regenerated.


An evening – 9pm, Piazza Libero Grassi, free entry – imbued with electro-acoustic sounds, entitled “Music is sacred” – from a well-known song by the artist dedicated to Claudio Rocchi – and embellished with video mapping, live guests and connected to the internet.
The performance aims to be an invitation to contemplate the musical Self, a journey backwards towards the source of Mnemosyne. The eye of Thoth. Orphic mysticism. “Dronescapes” and ancient ways. Deep listening.
Artist dedicated to minimalism and the music of the ‘cosmic couriers’ of the 70s, Marco Lucchi – on Mellotron and synthesizers – will be joined by his son Dario Derek Lucchi, on French horn, electric bass and synthesizers, by Marco Billi “jarguna” on modular synthesizer as well as by Henrik Meierkord on cello, Wilfried Hanrath on electric guitar and percussion and the narrator of Ilaria Boffa, the latter remotely, connected via the internet.
Marco Lucchi has always pursued an ideal of “absolute” music that gives back to the sound act the interpretation of what animates us and what surrounds us. He has numerous publications and collaborations to his credit at national and international levels (from Lino Capra Vaccina to Hector Zazou, from Bifo Berardi to Maurizio Marsico).

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