First Decade

This collection selected, collects tracks from 2009 with Explore from Satellite, previous albums are not relevant to the theme.



01 Altoplano index2; from Album ALTOPLANO (2010). inspired through the plateau of Chucumatanes in Guatemala

02 On Top of the World; extra (2016). A new series yet to be published.

03 Fly Over Dunes; from EXPLORE FORM SATELLITE (2009). A vision of our world from the sky.

04 Garden of the Mantras; extra (2016). A new series yet to be published.

05 Nebula; from NEBULA (2012). In pleasant collaboration with Marcello Calasso in art Seba. Deep meditation into the Universe.

06 Dimension gate; from WAITING FOR A CALL FROM THE UNKNOWN (2012). The wait of a prophecy (2012) led to a desire to make a contact to ….. something.

07 Peace in Deep Abyss; from EXPLORE FROM SATELLITE (2009). Track dedicated to my mother, made the day of death.

08 Plateaux in Jade; from JUPITER 8, NOTES FROM 2004 / 2014 (2014). The whole album is exclusively performed with an old analog synthesizer, and free from all effects and modulation.

09 Ring of Life; from RING OF LIFE (2010). Extrapolated from a single and long piece. A journey into the life described by the elements. From the storm, the spring, the river, the wind that shapes events, a new Dawn.

10 Quiescence; extra (2016). A new series yet to be published.

11 Geodes; from ANATEXIS (2015). inspired by the imagination of a world submerged in the depths of the stone, fused, solidified and merged again. The transformation of the earth the various states, magma, gas, concretions, chemical reactions slow million years.

12 Sankalpa; from NIDRA (2013). Steps of a meditative state, Nidra is the conscious dream of a yogi.

13 Ecstatic Ascent; from FUSION OF SOUL (2016). The soul which becomes conscious, and which binds with all things of creation.