Explorations of the Unconscious


01 Psilocybe


02 Acetylcholines Interrupted


03 Vortex of Souls


04 Mescalina


05 Dark Meanders of the Inner Cosmos



I’ve been wanting to make an album like this for some time, the sound searches for pure drones, introspective textures, absent from time and space, recall when I was looking for these sounds with my first synthesizer (Korg M1), around 1993, obviously since then I hope to have made some evolution.

The biggest evolution has certainly been the experience during many productions, this will be the 48th, but over the years I have also enriched my instrumentation, and since 2014 I have started assembling my modular synthesizer.

These sounds come above all from this instrument, research but also spontaneity, a free flow of introspective energy, textures that try to make me enter a cathartic, meditative mood, at times light, suspended, floating, at other times, abysmal, material, dark and restless, as in the track “Il Pozzo delle Anime” (Well of Souls), a vortex of pareidolia similar to plaintive voices, is the deepest ego that writhes from its obsessions, paranoias, conditionings.

The first and fourth track make a clear reference to some psycho-active substances, more romantically called entheogens, it is a story almost as old as man, to the point that some cultures have developed behind some of these substances, even becoming sacred for some cults, transforming the perception of reality and hypothesizing structures of other dimensions.

The deception of the senses has always been one of my favorite themes, an impudent art that seeks by all means to make people understand that man interfaces with the world only and thanks to his sense organs, but if these organs were altered ? like a radio picking up other frequencies, maybe we could broaden our consciousness?

Difficult topics but also thanks to music I love to deal with.