Esoteric Garden

44° Album



Perhaps not everyone knows that esoteric gardens really exist, they are born among noble families in front of their villas or estates.


The history of the garden as a decorative element and architectural space runs parallel to that of man and is influenced by the art and culture of the historical period of reference, influencing it in turn.

Since prehistoric times, man was born and lived in close contact with nature, creating a symbiotic relationship with it. This relationship then, over time, has changed in parallel with the evolution of man, when he begins to live in houses, dwellings, buildings and then in urban conglomerates, until reaching a point where it was necessary to reconstruct a contact. direct with nature itself.

The concept of the garden goes back in time: the first evidence of the existence of ornamental gardens made by man, and of how they have always been important in its history, come from the wall paintings of ancient Egypt, dating back to around 1500 BC. another important example of the past is represented by the hanging gardens of Babylon, considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The properly called esoteric garden was born around the seventeenth century, or when the Masonic congregation arose, although it is still a mystery of when it was really born and above all who founded the first groups. The fact is that Freemasonry is based on certain rules, its affiliates share the same ideals of both a moral and metaphysical nature and the common belief in a supreme Being, called the Great Architect of the Universe.

The garden in this case becomes an initiatory path and each family develops the path to free interpretation, but there are fixed canons for everyone, the beginning is always an apparently wild garden area, where the chaotic and ignorant part of the ‘individual, with various paths and symbols, which I will not describe here, you reach an epicenter where you often have a labyrinth and, or a tower with spiral staircases, the path ends by climbing the tower symbol of spiritual elevation and the dominion over the whole garden, a symbol of mastery and awareness of the surrounding reality.

The album is developed in 4 stages of the journey, the names of the tracks should represent the image of our walk in the garden well.

The initial textures are lush, warm, in this sound comfort you are accompanied to enter the path, in reality you are already inside, apparently sinking into a musical absence, or the second track, it will be the same sounds of the environment that will act as the soundtrack, that is the garden itself, the visitors, the statues, echoing songs are carried away by the wind, birds that in their cackle represent a war of territory and courtship. In the apparent stillness there is a tumult of energy that spreads, until we reach the heart of the garden, the most difficult test, the labyrinth, the percussive rhythm, impetuous, insistent perhaps oppressive, represents the initiatory rite, until it reaches the apex at the top of the tower where you observe all the way and only from there you have the conscience is the view of the whole artifact.

I hope that you too can initiate or deepen your inner journey with this project.




The “Esoteric Garden” is a luminous album with ritualistic and chiaroscuro features. An album in collaboration with Marco Billi aka Jarguna where the swirls of synth and drums mix with the contemplation of the view of an Esoteric garden where it inspires personal growth.

Composing the various aspects of the tracks was very interesting and introspective, creating such an album means looking for certain colors in the sounds and sensations that are able to create equally introspective and never redundant atmospheres.

During my search for sounds I had the vision of this labyrinth garden that opens up in front of me and invites me to enter, it is a search for oneself among green hedges, fountains and the mystery that surrounds them.

My experimentation is based a lot on instinct, I always tend to create what I feel most profoundly at that moment, when inspiration makes itself felt I start composing the various rhythms as if under a flow of emotions and sounds without stopping. that have been composed have been written to bring the listener into a sort of hypnotic Trance where he can search for himself is an opening to oneself in the deepest way where one can only get lost in order to sink one’s roots in oneself and come out of it. new person.