A Peaceful Granular Day

A Paceful Granular Day


Carefree title just like the development of this album, even in its intimate there are numerous concepts.

Born and developed during relaxing days during the summer holidays in a breathtaking landscape in Sardinia, this 38″ project, developed mainly with granular synthesis, is inspired by the beauty and complexity of nature which, through the filter of the senses and the coding of the brain, slowly unfolds and takes on an inner, introspective nuance, like looking at a digital photo at a monitor, by zooming, the closer you get to the details and the pixels replace the clarity of the image in simple colored squares, sometimes you can still understand what was in the whole but often it is only the mind that associates with the previous image.

In fact what is reality? What if not pieces of a great puzzle acquired in the course of life.


Pleasant explorations in water, even with simple dives of a few meters, enter an interior dimension, the noises muffle, indeed, almost completely disappear, since within a liquid the sound waves cannot propagate, or rather, the diffusion of a sound takes on other dynamics. The sharpest sound are the bubbles of air that are generated around you creating a sound decomposition that recalls the granular synthesis, with this experience I decide to experiment with new sound timbres and textures of this album.

The loops used are processed in order to be broken down, extrapolating parts that no longer have anything to do with the original, the sample, the sample, the sample, such as making a photocopy, then taking it and photocopying the second step again, and so on for tens or hundreds of times, what happens? The image is no longer like the original but will be grainy and distorted, losing definition, just as it also happens with cellular oxidation, that is, old age.


The sovereign of the traces remains Nature, even if it is also decomposed (break up, discompose), like a construction game, a pindaric flight between minimalism and material, texture sometimes colored sometimes monochromatic, fragmented, frayed by the wind of the psyche, the observer and the observed merge into clouds of inner frames, which then evert outwards and re-interiorized with new edges and depths.

With this album I start a path that I have been trying to develop for years and that I decided to call it fractal music, but that’s another story…

The irony of the titles is the demonstration of the lightness and constant amazement of being in contact with the beauty of creation, since it is not perceiving that you are in harmony with everything, but being everything.




01 A Peaceful Granular Day

02 Tetha Grain

03 Too Much Light

04 Marigold Solstice

05 Spirals of Rosemary

06 Grass Vortex

07 Twilight, Grasshopper. Cat…

08 Dragonfly Wings