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  • Bansuri Breath From Soul - Samsara

  • Bansuri Breath From Soul - Soul of Ganga

  • Explore from Satellite - Liquids Mirages in Barren Deserts

  • Introspective Course - Warrior of the Forest

  • Explore from Satellite - Xinjiang

  • Jupiter 8 - Blade

  • Jupiter 8 - Yellow Monsoon

  • Fusion of Soul - Between Heaven and Earth

  • First Decade - Nebula

  • Anatèxis - Geodes

  • Anatèxis - Lithogensis

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Fusion of Soul

The title of this album might evoke some form of thought or discipline New Age, none of that also has to pay attention that the word Soul, soul is not in the plural but singular, naturally the question arises, but fusion with what then?

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