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  • Bansuri Breath From Soul - Samsara

  • Bansuri Breath From Soul - Soul of Ganga

  • Explore from Satellite - Liquids Mirages in Barren Deserts

  • Introspective Course - Warrior of the Forest

  • Explore from Satellite - Xinjiang

  • Jupiter 8 - Blade

  • Jupiter 8 - Yellow Monsoon

  • Fusion of Soul - Between Heaven and Earth

  • First Decade - Nebula

  • Anatèxis - Geodes

  • Anatèxis - Lithogensis

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I met Seba (Marcello Calasso), during a performance in Florence, more than one year ago; I was at once impressed with his originality and elegance when playing his Gongs and Tams, low, deep vibrations that smote, I would say stormed me.

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