Collaborators: Adriana Jankovic Claudia Foglia (Enten Hitti) Foune Dembele (griot (ballad singer) of Burkina Faso) Gino Ape (Enten Hitti) Gianpaolo Verga (Enten Hitti) Ilaria Ivancich (Enten Hitti) Marco Billi (jarguna) Massimo Di Nocera Nathan Youngblood Pierangelo Pandisca (leader of Enten […]

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  • - Samsara

  • - Soul of Ganga

  • - Liquids Mirages in Barren Deserts

  • - Warrior of the Forest

  • - Xinjiang

  • - Blade

  • - Yellow Monsoon

  • - Between Heaven and Earth

  • - Nebula

  • - Geodes

  • - Lithogensis

Random Album


Anatexis is the development and research of the sounds of drone, coined by me in this album as “Geodrone”.

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