Trapped vol 1

jarguna and Friends: TRAPPED Vol. 1 (CD)


jarguna releases its 26th effort TRAPPED! The album features a collaboration of like-minded creators including Stefano Musso (Alio Die), Nathan Youngblood, Stefano Corsi (Whisky Trail) and many others.

jarguna explains: “During the years I have met many artists, and sometimes we recorded sound ideas which never entered into any of my contexts or musical projects. With the desire to reemerge these tracks from my archive, I decided to start this collection of collaborations. TRAPPED in fact wants to represent a spider that traps its prey, the metaphorical allusion of me as the spider and the prey as friends, artists and groups which I trap into my ‘music web.’ Another important thing I want to show is that the ambient music composer is not always hidden in their own cellar, alone in producing music. I am eager to weave sounds with similar or different people to grow culturally.”

jarguna continues: “I love to travel, explore forests and savannahs, meet as many different diverse people as I can; it is not by chance that I work in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Guatemala, Nepal and many other countries exporting spices, medicinal plants and aromatic resins. I’m fascinated by all naturalistic matter. TRAPPED opens with homage to Africa and closes with Australia. My music wants to be a hymn to ethnical, tribal, ritual music, a journey of sounds, feelings, contrasts, acoustics and electronics. Everything is amalgamated like a mandala of good artists who explore the idea of ​​getting involved with me. I tried to retain the identity of the artist’s style I collaborate with, and my attitude is like a parrot adopting sound mimicry (laughs).”


Adriana Jankovic
Claudia Foglia (Enten Hitti)
Foune Dembele (griot (ballad singer) of Burkina Faso)
Gino Ape (Enten Hitti)
Gianpaolo Verga (Enten Hitti)
Ilaria Ivancich (Enten Hitti)
Marco Billi (jarguna)
Massimo Di Nocera
Nathan Youngblood
Pierangelo Pandisca (leader of Enten Hitti)
Riccardo Dellocchio
Shane Morris
Stefano Corsi (leader of Whisky Trail)
Stefano Musso (Alio Die)

About the name “jarguna”

jarguna says: “My art name originated in a dream from 20 years ago. In the middle of the night I heard – and above all I saw – a sound like a colored mandala vibrate and emit a sound similar to the human voice during an overtone chorus which was repeated. On my awakening I took paper and pen and tried to transcribe it. So this word was born, seemingly meaningless at that time. I want to use it without the uppercase-J just to represent more a sound than a word with meaning. The analysis of the word ‘name’ can teach everything: no-me (negation of the me), a sound that evokes something; a name is conditioning it for life, and takes away the true self.”